New Brawler Colonel Ruffs BREAKDOWN & Update Info!

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New Brawler Colonel Ruffs BREAKDOWN! | KairosTime
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Brawl Talk was just released & it's time to talk about all of the update information we have! I'm going to break down the newest brawler, Colonel Ruffs, talk about how mechanics, & talk about everything else coming in the update!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming თვის წინ
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Great To greater
Great To greater თვის წინ
Even amber got a buff
Spike skin will cost 300 gems. and cornorl star power will be like edger first star power
Furanki Saveron
Furanki Saveron თვის წინ
It looks like he can paralyze brawlers if both bullets hit.
R3windSpray თვის წინ
I love you sweatshirt Kt!
Atiza Bbgum
Atiza Bbgum თვის წინ
Hey I spotted that Bibi might get a health buff :)
Airzz თვის წინ
Is it just me or does he look like General pepper from star fox????
definitely not Aiden
definitely not Aiden თვის წინ
Get well kairos :)
B11 Morco, Vincent Mikylle
B11 Morco, Vincent Mikylle თვის წინ
I already updated brawl star but i cant even see colonel ruffs lol.
Thembi Skeffrey
Thembi Skeffrey თვის წინ
C r
neel patel
neel patel თვის წინ
Qwaden თვის წინ
"i think it's safe to say it's not going to be a permanent damage boost"
Лъчезар Стойчев
Лъчезар Стойчев თვის წინ
Kairos, if you look a little bit closely on the video where colonel ruffs uses his super, you will notice that it isn't his super wich destroyed the walls but it was Gene's. (Or Brock's, I'm not sure)
manal alyafi
manal alyafi თვის წინ
kairos what are going to eat when colonel ruffs comes out lol
Quyet thang Do
Quyet thang Do თვის წინ
When is he be in the pass?
Abijah Gordon
Abijah Gordon თვის წინ
Me Remembering an cat bug book. He said space chickens* Kairos: We may have a space chicken brawler
Dominick Antonio
Dominick Antonio თვის წინ
Another clue to what is brawl stars
Dominick Antonio
Dominick Antonio თვის წინ
Dat true
Dexterツ თვის წინ
Your channel is really cool and fun
Dexterツ თვის წინ
Excuse my My keyboard AND Too bad
kairos where u install brawl stars with ruffs?
e e
e e თვის წინ
Ur a brawl talker?
Bon Bon
Bon Bon თვის წინ
Day 3 of waiting for kairos to respong
Bhalchandra Guruji
Bhalchandra Guruji თვის წინ
Poco gadget might get his teammates shield from stuns knockbacks etc for 5secs.
Pragyan Negi
Pragyan Negi თვის წინ
me super excited for animated piper pins also me looks at my account and thinks i have a beginner account and i dont even have piper
Ahmed Moeez
Ahmed Moeez თვის წინ
I will buy brawl pass i 180 gems
Finn Borgers
Finn Borgers თვის წინ
6:54 Wow the brawler who you can't touch has become more broken and now even bulls cant come up to tick. Pls delete tick rara her
Tirumurugan Selladurai
Tirumurugan Selladurai თვის წინ
When that brawler is coming bro
maxmadefriend ????
maxmadefriend ???? თვის წინ
he didnt break the wall gene did with his super
Bug The Cat
Bug The Cat თვის წინ
the new brawler is literally the dog from star fox :/
Olga Cuervo
Olga Cuervo თვის წინ
This guy say it’s not permitnit brawl talk we said it is
A-Boi თვის წინ
For another Colonel Ruffs skin, it should be him wearing the green military suit that we see in the concept art
Bill Nye
Bill Nye თვის წინ
Open your eyes
Open your eyes თვის წინ
Why does kairos say kernal ruffs when it days colonol ruffs???
Fiq 17
Fiq 17 თვის წინ
Bibi, Amber, Sprout, Gene and Jessie are getting a buff for sure. Lex uploaded Colonel Ruffs vs every brawler video, where we can see exacly what is changed.
Josh Klapperich
Josh Klapperich თვის წინ
3:45 that gene pulled the brock out of his super
Pius Andres
Pius Andres თვის წინ
Wer kommt auch von ClashGames weil er total nervt weil er immer im Weg ist? No front wenn du das siehst
Advay Basavaraju
Advay Basavaraju თვის წინ
I think his gadget will release small bots, it kinda looks like one of those bots but thats kind of a stretch lol
hey this is john quiñones
hey this is john quiñones თვის წინ
5:10 dani be vibin
AIDAN GRAY თვის წინ
Spike is my only missing brawler I might buy him and the skin
quangminh vu
quangminh vu თვის წინ
"Eating dog meat until i getting colonel reff" (Joke , dont take it seriusly)
Hapukurk თვის წინ
"el primo breaks wall" kairos: HIS SUPERS GONNA BREAK WALLS!
Mohammed AlShehab
Mohammed AlShehab თვის წინ
Ok 👍🏻
PuRe_ LiFe
PuRe_ LiFe თვის წინ
Why kairos not doing a video about whats happen to the new cat brawler i mean WE WANT
羅迦得 თვის წინ
Kairos,look at the part where all of the skins flash quickly. Mr.P is shootingshooting a suitcase, and a robo porter appears. You can also see that Bibi gets a health buff and Jessie's shots deal less damage. Credits to Heybrother for finding these small clues.
Adrian kudsieh
Adrian kudsieh თვის წინ
If rosa’s gadget slow enemies in bushes imagine it in snake prairie
ASKEPOPO თვის წინ
6:01 mrp spawns penguin with his attack u can see that at the start of the brawl talk
Carl the llama
Carl the llama თვის წინ
he didnt attack
Henry Skehan
Henry Skehan თვის წინ
i wish gems still dropped from boxes because i want some skins that arent on the brawl pass but obviously im gonna buy the pass. they would get more revenue if they dropped gems from boxes, even if it was a smaller drop rate. its just annoying to see all the cool skins that only the pay to win players get.
Adoni Perez
Adoni Perez თვის წინ
No gen broke the wall with the super
Branislav Šarčević
Branislav Šarčević თვის წინ
he canceld coulettes super in the clip
XYZ_SNAPPY თვის წინ
at 4:50 his gadget could be some sort of drone
Wairan Rafsat
Wairan Rafsat თვის წინ
ha what happened to colets super
Mahin __
Mahin __ თვის წინ
I didn't get the notification
1490 Ridaan SAHANI
1490 Ridaan SAHANI თვის წინ
I got a better offer of Frank in 90 gems this is better this season
Aurhan თვის წინ
Is Colonel Ruffs a battle pass skin?
Dan To
Dan To თვის წინ
Who is the fist member of the space-trio?
John loyd Jabonete
John loyd Jabonete თვის წინ
I think they should remove the range boost from colonel ruffs when it hits the wall and replace it with a damage boost when it hits the walls with a 10% damage boost or lower. So colonel ruffs is somewhere different from rico and this will make him a little bit unique.This is just my suggestion to the new brawler and i wish brawl stars will notice this❤️
Superem თვის წინ
Poco's gadget likely increases healing received from all friendly brawlers in the circle by a certain percentage (I'd say around 20-50%)
American Reich
American Reich თვის წინ
why they made him purple he looks soo ugly why they cant do him like his original concept and i think dark lord spike will cost same price as virus 8-bit
Oliver Davis Jensen
Oliver Davis Jensen თვის წინ
Kairos! my man i dont think ruffs super breaks walls idk but in that clip its the gene and brock fighting and his super range aint that big
uvuvuevuevue ossas
uvuvuevuevue ossas თვის წინ
Imagine the damage
uvuvuevuevue ossas
uvuvuevuevue ossas თვის წინ
Omfg imagine frank first star power plus 8bit super plus colonial ruff’s super
Diamond Rhys
Diamond Rhys თვის წინ
Navigator Colette’s looks WAY TO SIMPLE for 80 gems, she looks more like a 30 gem skin
Oskar Wade
Oskar Wade თვის წინ
video idea: eating dog treats until i unlock Colonel Ruffs
Versus თვის წინ
i dont like the ingame model of the brawler kinda awk gene
The Mobile Lord
The Mobile Lord თვის წინ
Chickens suck
Goldy Apple
Goldy Apple თვის წინ
frist Furry brawler
tree lord
tree lord თვის წინ
Gene pulled the brock into the wall and bush thats why is broke
Badr Gaming Noob
Badr Gaming Noob თვის წინ
Dumpling Darryl will be with What Gems..?
Soma BS - YT
Soma BS - YT თვის წინ
Brawl Stars would have very fun for me if I am a GEMMER
Kaloyan Garkov
Kaloyan Garkov თვის წინ
Kairos, I saw that Amber deals 308 damage to Tara's shadow. That' s maybe a buff to Amber
nico bailey
nico bailey თვის წინ
2nd gadget idea when ruff picks up his powerup his gadget will be available to use thier will be a raidus like barleys second gadget range when the ability is activated you can pass a power up to the closest teamate, only able to use when you collect a power up it is a projectile that goes to the teamate kind of like the delay of nitas or mortises star power 2nd star power idea the powerup from his super now deals 280 additional damage per projectile instead of 140 damage added also applys to teamates
Παναγιώτης Χολόγκιτας
Παναγιώτης Χολόγκιτας თვის წინ
Prediction: gadget when activated his next super will drop multiple "power cubes* at once
Rishab Pokharel
Rishab Pokharel თვის წინ
When is the update dropping?
Wolfii თვის წინ
Dani loves watching kairos's videos and whatever kairos wants in brawl stars dani will make it true but a little diffrent
SHADOW თვის წინ
Fortnite owns kit brawl stars might name it something else
SHADOW თვის წინ
It might, see fortnite kit they will name it something else
özgür ruh
özgür ruh თვის წინ
İ am prety sure it should t be problem if the name is the only similarity
Šimon Lukáš Bucek
Šimon Lukáš Bucek თვის წინ
Hey kairos, just reminding that we actually know the gadget for mr. P! In the begining clip, he shoots his suitcase and it spawns a porter!
Kacper ABC
Kacper ABC თვის წინ
Nice! :) I can't wait for olympics. Greetings from Poland ;)
game boi dotexe
game boi dotexe თვის წინ
when is update, i want virus 8 bit.
Viking Gamer
Viking Gamer თვის წინ
Am i the only one who saw that gene's gadget also heals teammates for 400 health?
özgür ruh
özgür ruh თვის წინ
@Viking Gamer ok nice
Viking Gamer
Viking Gamer თვის წინ
@özgür ruh oh
özgür ruh
özgür ruh თვის წინ
@Viking Gamer remember star powers are still active in that clip also they dien t say that 400 heal was a gagdet
özgür ruh
özgür ruh თვის წინ
@Viking Gamer no my man i am trying to say that 400 healing is from it s star power magic puffs
Viking Gamer
Viking Gamer თვის წინ
@özgür ruh they said it was a gadget, not star power
rishi kaushal
rishi kaushal თვის წინ
amber health buff yeah wohoo
Hanno Rich
Hanno Rich თვის წინ
Who is better lou or this guy
Cooper Smith
Cooper Smith თვის წინ
GONK! Darryl
Kartik T
Kartik T თვის წინ
make brawl theory dude
Dhruv Garg
Dhruv Garg თვის წინ
Gene's gadget also healed mortis for 400 health that means it is gonna heal friendly brawlers too
özgür ruh
özgür ruh თვის წინ
That his star power
Haryshwa Raval
Haryshwa Raval თვის წინ
PLEASSEE READ I have got 5 balance changes for season 5(confirmed) Everything is at max level- Amber health 4200 to 4480 Amber damage-280 to 308 Bibi health - 5320 to 5880 Jessie damage- 1288 -1568 Gene damage-1400 - 1512 ALL ARE BUFFS
lorik dion
lorik dion თვის წინ
why is he saying curnel ruffs and not colonel ruffs
Peyton Tadlock
Peyton Tadlock თვის წინ
I'm guessing colonel ruffs gadget is gonna be a land mine because the icon looks like an explosive
Yellow wall 3.0
Yellow wall 3.0 თვის წინ
3:10 your probably right Kairos but Gene broke the wall and the grass. :3
Cristopher Cepeda
Cristopher Cepeda თვის წინ
"If you hit your shots" 4:08
Rachit Murarka
Rachit Murarka თვის წინ
I think his gadget stops supers like He did of collets on 1:02 timing
Rachit Murarka
Rachit Murarka თვის წინ
Yeah thats true
corrosion1 YT
corrosion1 YT თვის წინ
Wait the third is named kit... Prepare for annoying fortnite kids to start saying they are copying now
ARON A507 თვის წინ
amber and bibi also got buff
Faaarp თვის წინ
How do you know this
Hafsa Jahan
Hafsa Jahan თვის წინ
R3windSpray თვის წინ
3:01 His super may not explode walls as if you look the wall breaks because Gene uses a super!
Speedy Boi
Speedy Boi თვის წინ
Whoever makes your thumbnail artwork is very good at it Tell him or her i like it A lot
Odactive თვის წინ
Everyone: Colonel ruffs is SICK Kairos: sprout got an 8.5% damage buff
Aaah Boi
Aaah Boi თვის წინ
Maybe franks new gadget can break walls like colt
Ritash Singha
Ritash Singha თვის წინ
Finally after rico there is one more brawler whose attack will bounce
Martín Rodríguez Rubiano
Martín Rodríguez Rubiano თვის წინ
The gadget are three puppies
Magic Axol
Magic Axol თვის წინ
(another balance change)I saw Bibi's health was 5880 instead of 5320 in the smooth lou showcase
Ryan Afriyie
Ryan Afriyie თვის წინ
im exited to see if the super name is lunch not launch!
Just D4n
Just D4n თვის წინ
5:51 reload buff And navigator colette seems to be a reference to one of megaman's navigators in some game
Lestad Vela
Lestad Vela თვის წინ
I need hip
fallenstar თვის წინ
boi colonel ruffs basically have no cooldown between attacks
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