COLONEL RUFFS OLYMPICS! | 19 Tests! | BEST Support?!

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Brawl Stars New Brawler Colonel RUFFS OLYMPICS! | KairosTime
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Colonel Ruffs is the newest brawler in Brawl Stars and this sneak peek video is going to show Colonel Ruffs gameplay! We'll break down Colonel Ruffs's gadget, star power, attack, & super, as well as cover all his other mechanics. After his mechanic breakdown, I'll put Colonel Ruffs through the Olympics events & test him in 19 olympics tests to find out how good he's going to be! How strong is Colonel Ruffs going to be!? He just might be the BEST Support Brawler in the game!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming თვის წინ
How strong do you think Colonel Ruffs is going to be?! Thank you to OnePlus for sponsoring this video! Check out the new Nord N10 5G phone! ►
OneCHRISTOS32 დღის წინ
With his new star power he can add more health to teamates
JoystickPlayer 9 დღის წინ
hes out rn and i have him and hes OP!
Archie Hanna
Archie Hanna 10 დღის წინ
hi kairos is his new star power better still wondering if i should get him?
arad sajjadi
arad sajjadi თვის წინ
He is sick tier brawler In solo and heist:b Duo ans siege :a And in brawl ball hot zone gem grab and bunty :s
Bowie Reese
Bowie Reese თვის წინ
Hi it's me Bowie I'm a big fan of you and I'm 5 years old and I I love your videos so much I want to know how do you get some brawlers on brawl Stars
Embers დღის წინ
I’m gonna kill corn dog
I mean sub to kairos time
Kairos your the best player and plz make more brawl theory video plz and guy sub not kairos time !!!!!
OneCHRISTOS32 დღის წინ
Please do a defence test i would like to see it
Neil Ty
Neil Ty 3 დღის წინ
They should call him a fighter not a support brawler
Sven van der Laan
Sven van der Laan 3 დღის წინ
Yay i love the dog hes so Good and helpfull. Good thing i got HIM!
ÂLØNÊ 3 დღის წინ
TTV_Graceful 6 დღის წინ
Wow so that’s why it says I can unlock an epic even tho I got all of them and it’s gale isn’t it?
M_ playz
M_ playz 7 დღის წინ
colonel ruffs no need no buff, he buffs himself
Noah E
Noah E 8 დღის წინ
Him before: Poco but you don't need his star power to deal super damage Him with his new star power: Hi frank, wanna have an extra 7k hp?
Profreshinal 8 დღის წინ
I think it would be cool if his gadget allowed him to throw out a dog treat which can heal him or teammates depending on who picks it up
Creetivus 14 დღის წინ
So, will Colonel Ruffs be an OP brawler? No, but his teammates will...
Its A max
Its A max 15 დღის წინ
Ruffs trying to be tough: Dont call me doggo... Lou trying to be cute: *uncle lou is here for you....*
Eldion Murtezani
Eldion Murtezani 15 დღის წინ
Next video:do ronin ruffs next time
Tejas Paluri
Tejas Paluri 17 დღის წინ
Name: Colonel Ruffs Literally everyone pronunciation: cERaNol RuVvs
mim akther
mim akther 17 დღის წინ
The sudden cloudy clearly wash because salad promisingly allow beyond a responsible pot. opposite, determined yoke
trashcanranger 18 დღის წინ
best purchase of my life
Linnet Coelho
Linnet Coelho 18 დღის წინ
Plz bring defence test
Green Panther
Green Panther 20 დღის წინ
Your voice impression for ruffs is pretty accurate
0bez 25 დღის წინ
Did anyone else notice how if u use his super in the middle of those little robots on the back of the training place they blow up in a star shape?
Spence 4 3
Spence 4 3 26 დღის წინ
Which brawler is 1st in swarm test?
Bhuvan Jumani
Bhuvan Jumani 26 დღის წინ
where has the dive test gone
afa taoa
afa taoa 26 დღის წინ
I love your energy
Emil Noergaard
Emil Noergaard 28 დღის წინ
Dane Shex
Dane Shex 29 დღის წინ
A defensive Olympics will be so cool
G F***
G F*** 29 დღის წინ
His Gadget is a long Range brawler counter
nico bailey
nico bailey თვის წინ
did he just say he isnt going to be good in showdown
Jeffrey Groen
Jeffrey Groen თვის წინ
My level 9 Ruffs just hit 700 trophies. Even without the starpower he is insane!
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar თვის წინ
SURGE was the best Chromatic brawler... And Lou is the shittiest....
arad sajjadi
arad sajjadi თვის წინ
Please defence test
Charles de Guzman
Charles de Guzman თვის წინ
I have a question can enemies take the package/buff?
O6dragon king
O6dragon king თვის წინ
Das the boster boost enemy's
Annebelle DuBurton
Annebelle DuBurton თვის წინ
Lol I played with Rey once in showdown
The DestroyerYT
The DestroyerYT თვის წინ
8:38 - 8:42 did you meant Edgar
Siemen Visser
Siemen Visser თვის წინ
Can you do Olympics test for brawlers that are very long in the game?
Wyatt Wallace
Wyatt Wallace თვის წინ
Tick is going to be an absolute monster paired with ruff
Nicholas Whitley
Nicholas Whitley თვის წინ
Does the permanent buff increase the damage of crows poison?
Fianchetto Witte
Fianchetto Witte თვის წინ
I'm currently at 148 gems. Brawl pass costs 169. So I'm going to be a gem short for awhile...
hslhuisheng თვის წინ
Unboxing challange For each 10 boxes you adopt a dog
Cartooning Store
Cartooning Store თვის წინ Among us
DJ merlijn
DJ merlijn თვის წინ
Does Colonel Ruff's super more damage when he already has his super equipt?
Mr. Boi
Mr. Boi თვის წინ
yessssss i got enough gems for brawl pass :D
Jake Hergert
Jake Hergert თვის წინ
Do you think Rufus and Byron would be an OP duo combo
Sanjay Sa
Sanjay Sa თვის წინ
How the heal did you get him early
Blame Lag
Blame Lag თვის წინ
feels like gale all over again, something bad is gonna happen to the meta
Robert Crochet
Robert Crochet თვის წინ
Very strang
dragon fighter
dragon fighter თვის წინ
Kairos, have u tried on the defense test using gagdet to see if the robot atacks the sand bags?
SpryzenYT 将軍
SpryzenYT 将軍 თვის წინ
Can someone give me gems pls
Fireball თვის წინ
Remember when surge scored low in all tests but turned out to be broken when players used it
Benjamin თვის წინ
Kyros is from one piece u just copied and changed the spelling a little bit
Nooby Gaming
Nooby Gaming თვის წინ
Why does it seems kairos time says kernel ruffs instead of colonel ruffs
BRAWLSTARS SPROUT Brawlstars surge
BRAWLSTARS SPROUT Brawlstars surge თვის წინ
. . . .
0sodrac Vinicio
0sodrac Vinicio თვის წინ
im so excited for the new season and colonel ruffs :D
Pete Berbee
Pete Berbee თვის წინ
Idea: eating dog food until i get colonel ruffs
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich თვის წინ
How many days before they nerf the duration of that air drop boost? I'd say...1
GamerNerd Brawl stars
GamerNerd Brawl stars თვის წინ
Kairos: What should i do for unboxing challenge for colonel ruffs. Me: Well he is a dog and what do dogs eat 👀
funbuttstain butthole
funbuttstain butthole თვის წინ
Can his teammates grab his super or the enemies? Or just him
funbuttstain butthole
funbuttstain butthole თვის წინ
I just finished the brawl.pass with 1 day left and I got a mega box today with 8 things in it I got 3 gadgets one for barley one for mortis and one for dynamike I think it was survival shovel herbal tonic and the one where Mike's next attack stuns them I think it called like satchel something I don't know the second part
Vishesh Jain
Vishesh Jain თვის წინ
Who is here to see COVID Kairos
AP FiglioDiAndrea
AP FiglioDiAndrea თვის წინ
Aw man you didn’t have to do this while you had COVID
vikas rathi
vikas rathi თვის წინ
Nancy torrisi
Nancy torrisi თვის წინ
Wow you
Jenolin თვის წინ
Stupid dingus
Stupid dingus თვის წინ
Who else realized He had covid while recording this video
Void BS
Void BS თვის წინ
Colonel ruffs pass will be my first pass so I don't care if he is bad or good😀
gamer Adrian
gamer Adrian თვის წინ
I subscribed your channel kiros time
Igor 26
Igor 26 თვის წინ
Colonel Ruffs players: Autoaim button goes brrrr
Sven van der Laan
Sven van der Laan 3 დღის წინ
Its not only auto aim but i got the joke
Muneeb Ahmed
Muneeb Ahmed თვის წინ
Aaltzen Kuipers
Aaltzen Kuipers თვის წინ
What if you have colonel ruffs frank and 8-bit on a team. How much damage is frank going to do
S Imran
S Imran თვის წინ
Eating HOT dogs till I get colonel ruffs
ALPHAxTHUGS yt თვის წინ
New brawler releases 😂 every brawlstar youtuber thumbnail be like : This new brawler Is broken. 🤯🤯
Historica თვის წინ
Looking forward to see one of the brawlers to have a skin you designed
Historica თვის წინ
Hawk js
Hawk js თვის წინ
my doggo did die so i shall honour my doggo with colnel ruff cheers to me btw he is pretty good
Tejas Jain BrawlStars
Tejas Jain BrawlStars თვის წინ
Great 👍
Naphat Sathienthirakul
Naphat Sathienthirakul თვის წინ
Colonel Ruffs? More like Kernel Ruffs?
Sankdom თვის წინ
Hey looks kinda really strong
zr zhao
zr zhao თვის წინ
But pam can heal friends as well
Burak Emin
Burak Emin თვის წინ
Amber pls me pls pls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sean Chou
Sean Chou თვის წინ
Randoms after picking up colonel ruffs supply drop: I have decided that I want to die
gonen gonen
gonen gonen თვის წინ
I think Brawl Starsa ​​should get an update like this: To see who is watching you while you are playing. I'm sure a lot of people will want this....)
eze ess
eze ess თვის წინ
Of course he's going to be OP. Every brawler recently has been OP. except Colette. His shield is going to be insane.
Georgi Nikolov
Georgi Nikolov თვის წინ
Ok, but wait!! What is KT going to eat for getting Collonel Ruffs?? I reali hope it's dog food and not dog... umm 😳
Mačka Puno s****a
Mačka Puno s****a თვის წინ
Eating dig food untill you unlock colonel ruffs
Mačka Puno s****a
Mačka Puno s****a თვის წინ
I think he whill be very weak
WJ Gamer 429
WJ Gamer 429 თვის წინ
Would he replace Rico in like bouncing shots
Marl Keith Ayuda
Marl Keith Ayuda თვის წინ
Ruff is gonna be op if he is in trio with rosa and el primo which will increase there damage and health while protecting ruffs super op went you add tanks in the mix
The Fox Trouble YT
The Fox Trouble YT თვის წინ
Please tell supercell to make Colonel Ruffs in game size smaller like they did to Edger
Nathan- Brawlstars
Nathan- Brawlstars თვის წინ
Eating dog treats until getting colonel ruffs
LeoBanana20 თვის წინ
Eating dog poop until i get colonel ruffs
Gareth Kwan
Gareth Kwan თვის წინ
Dragondude202 თვის წინ
What should kairos eat for getting colonel ruffs
Ariel თვის წინ
Me in the future launching ruff super:D : my teamates: is tris for me 🥺 autolike xd
Andreas Patounis
Andreas Patounis თვის წინ
he will be op because of his gadget
BUELLER თვის წინ
ruff + surge + frank is going to be a 3's nightmare
Виктор Вукићевић
Виктор Вукићевић თვის წინ
Colonel Ruffs' Super + 8 Bit's Turret + Piper's Ambush Star Power = OP
Chickn Gamer
Chickn Gamer თვის წინ
4:48 *le voice cracc*
Chickn Gamer
Chickn Gamer თვის წინ
“Don’t call me *D O G G O”*
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