3 NEW Supercell CLASH Games! | EVERYTHING you need to know!

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3 new Supercell Games: Clash Quest, Clash Mini, & Clash Heroes!
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#ClashQuest #ClashMini #ClashHeroes
This video uncovers EVERYTHING you need to know about Supercell's 3 new games: Clash Quest, Clash Mini, & Clash Heroes! All 3 feature characters you know & love from the Clash Universe like Clash of Clans & Clash Royale! We'll talk about WHEN they are going to be released, as well as what the games are like to play!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming თვის წინ
Which game are YOU most excited for?! Which would you like news videos on? Clash Quest? Clash Mini? Clash Heroes?
Sergio Rivas
Sergio Rivas 11 დღის წინ
Clash mini
Sergio Rivas
Sergio Rivas 11 დღის წინ
Clash mini
Mr random Unbox
Mr random Unbox 15 დღის წინ
Clash heroes might replace clash royale for me but like kairos said brawl stars is still the best
Blake Trantham
Blake Trantham 21 დღის წინ
Clash Mini
fwiends 22 დღის წინ
Clash mini
a person owo
a person owo 2 დღის წინ
Cover them all
Amigo Last
Amigo Last 8 დღის წინ
Utsav Yadav
Utsav Yadav 9 დღის წინ
How to play that man
Oxitur Dude
Oxitur Dude 14 დღის წინ
Clash Heroes be like: Y’know Minecraft Dungeons? Yea, let’s do that
Super Minum
Super Minum 16 დღის წინ
I think clash quest with kairos would be fun
MR. comedy king
MR. comedy king 18 დღის წინ
Game no.1 👎👎 no. 2 👎👎 no. 3 👍💪
Sundeep Sandhu
Sundeep Sandhu 19 დღის წინ
Clash Quest!! PLZ!! It looks so fun!!
Giovann Sushi
Giovann Sushi 21 დღის წინ
Teamfight Tactics? but more casual?!?! GIVE< GIVE!! HOpefully CLash Mini will make it.
Atabak Fartash
Atabak Fartash 23 დღის წინ
I’m from 2 weeks after this video came out None none of them are out
Fire and Icy
Fire and Icy 25 დღის წინ
they all start with clash.Why
Ahmad Al-Amin
Ahmad Al-Amin 26 დღის წინ
if clash heroes doesnt get released, I'm gonna eat a fetus
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 26 დღის წინ
Jesus is king
john cena
john cena 26 დღის წინ
I think quest is a little boring these types of games are not my cup of tea
Mr. Bruno Mujica
Mr. Bruno Mujica 27 დღის წინ
Anyone else thought Rush Wars had potential
Lorenzo Aloia
Lorenzo Aloia 29 დღის წინ
Clash Heroes I need RIGHT NOW
Neo Roum
Neo Roum 29 დღის წინ
Minis look so cute🥺
Jayden Choong
Jayden Choong თვის წინ
Clash heroes that is so cool
Corey Sturgeon
Corey Sturgeon თვის წინ
I noticed something from the footage Kairos didn’t mention/notice from clash mini. There is a bar under the health and once it fills up it automatically triggers a ‘super attack’
Erexx თვის წინ
Clash Heroes is like Diablo
oi Vaͥdiͣmͫ • 7 years ago
oi Vaͥdiͣmͫ • 7 years ago თვის წინ
Clash heros looks really fun
Fred M
Fred M თვის წინ
Agree with should have gone with Brawl universe lol
Greenoo trippy
Greenoo trippy თვის წინ
I am waiting for Clash Heros
Lucas Vander Elst
Lucas Vander Elst თვის წინ
Clash heroes!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashwin Kuppala
Ashwin Kuppala თვის წინ
first two sound better
Owen does Things
Owen does Things თვის წინ
Eh clash quest kinda boring
José Fabián
José Fabián თვის წინ
Man.. i miss Rush wars 😔
alex alex
alex alex თვის წინ
Clash heroes look like realy fun game for me. I realy want try it :)
George Ruck
George Ruck თვის წინ
Clash Quest reminds me of "Clash of Heroes" Heroes of might and magic
The inkling Boy
The inkling Boy თვის წინ
I think clash quest is gonna get killed, but mini and heroes looks like it will be top one on most downloads someday
QyaoNMB თვის წინ
i didn't know clash mini was like tft thanks for explaining ! I want clash mini the most rn haha
Two Weird Bros
Two Weird Bros თვის წინ
Clash hero’s are best in my opinion
Arcanum თვის წინ
Supercell tactical fps on PC when??
김승도 თვის წინ
What i think about these games are good..but some of the games need improvement like sure,it is in region locked beta test but here are some things they should really add Something more interesting for clash quest altho its really fun An easier way to understand the game for clash mini Better graphics for clash heroes Best game here i think is clash heroes but the other 2 games are great too! Clash quest i think will most likely be a fun game to play when you dont have anything to do Clash mini will be more of streaming game for hours since its satisfying to watch and hopefully play as well And clash heroes will be an all time great game for most people
HeusNietMNM თვის წინ
They should make a game like sonic and Mario olympics where two sides (brawl stars and clash and the other games) fight against and with each other
Allendale Manangan
Allendale Manangan თვის წინ
looks like they copy and modified Archero
Eggkebab თვის წინ
Wtf isn't it meant to be a fps, auto chess and a mmo rpg ??
[ m o n o c h r o m e ]
[ m o n o c h r o m e ] თვის წინ
I got a clash Royal ad before the vid lol
ATonomous Unknown
ATonomous Unknown თვის წინ
The 1st game is candy crush... The second game has a lot of potential. Im excited to play it. The third game is similar to the game Eternium(mage and minions)
Cody Sich
Cody Sich თვის წინ
Clash quest looks like a bust, clash mini has potential, and clash heroes looks like a really good game
I really wanna play clash mini
Logan Hall
Logan Hall თვის წინ
Definitely interested in Clash Mini!
Araara SenPai
Araara SenPai თვის წინ
clash heroes
Aleks'sLegoGuns თვის წინ
Imagine if clash heroes has a multiplayer mode and its like league of legends but u can actuoly understand whats going on
Hype 300000000000
Argentum Gaming
Argentum Gaming თვის წინ
Kairos: there are brawl stars videos over here on the side. The videos on the side: How to play clash.
Nathaniel Burns
Nathaniel Burns თვის წინ
My first thought on clash heroes was clash league of legends, so if there is a pvp, then this could actually be very cool
Lou - Brawl Stars
Lou - Brawl Stars თვის წინ
Clash heroes looks great but the others look boring
glass water
glass water თვის წინ
omg a auto chess
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson თვის წინ
Clash quest = poopy Clash mini = could be good Clash heroes = looks fun
DangerX თვის წინ
i suspect each game will be available in different regions of the world
Marcus Ahlepil
Marcus Ahlepil თვის წინ
Pls cover these games on The channel
Joaquim Power
Joaquim Power თვის წინ
6:08 those glowing tiles show where the miner will dig to! That’s why the miner is standing on one!
ivan het joch
ivan het joch თვის წინ
why do I get skylander vibes from clash heros
LYNDEN YEE თვის წინ
Heroes definitely looks the best out of the three in my point of view.
Dante Brawl
Dante Brawl თვის წინ
Yes 700 thousand. Congrats kairos now let’s get you to a million. Or is that to far 😂 how bout 800,000 first
CI P თვის წინ
I don't think I'll like Clash Quest, but I think the others will be fun.
aaditya bhartia
aaditya bhartia თვის წინ
Excited for clash heroes
JellyDonut505 თვის წინ
I love all the red team player names in the clash mini especially 5:50
Apple Man
Apple Man თვის წინ
I hope clash heroes will have leveling system that goes go like lvl 50 or something. It whould be really cool if they made a big map, with different enemies and areas to explore and maybe special items you can grind for and get from enemies. It whould be really cool...
YKM თვის წინ
Clash mini and clash heroes look like my new addictions
a person owo
a person owo 2 დღის წინ
Roman Sama
Roman Sama თვის წინ
clash heroes and clash mini i am excited for 🥰😇🤗❤😇🙌
Devil Boy Ro
Devil Boy Ro თვის წინ
I think I will love all of these games I realy want to play all of them
corbin sprouse
corbin sprouse თვის წინ
Kairos , I notice you have some different camera angles . Do you have a production crew filming between two cameras ? Or are you just zooming in during post production edits ? Are you using a camera or webcam ? Sorry if I am being nosy , I was Just curious because I’m looking for work and learning about video production .
InsaneNebula 551
InsaneNebula 551 თვის წინ
Clash heroes sounds cool
RONIT თვის წინ
Who needs a 3rd person open world supercell game. In the clash universe
Mihael Šenolt
Mihael Šenolt თვის წინ
Lets see how fast are they going to kill them like Rush wars
Evan Almighty
Evan Almighty თვის წინ
I grew up playing Gauntlet, Clash heroes reminds me alot of the game play. Hope it's released 🙏
anime onepiecelife
anime onepiecelife თვის წინ
When I ever get a new phone, I hope to download other Supercell games. :)
me boi
me boi თვის წინ
Clash heroes seems like diablo and looks really fun
Bishop Fisher
Bishop Fisher თვის წინ
clash mini looks fun
M3LLOBOY თვის წინ
Im waiting for clash heros
Tarik Rocha
Tarik Rocha თვის წინ
7:43 Dungeon Rampage be like lmao they have the battle chief (royal cook) either
Ace LIL Pug?
Ace LIL Pug? თვის წინ
PLEASE, remember me if this happens, this could be an April fools
madara Uchiha
madara Uchiha თვის წინ
@Cro Ghost how?
Cro Ghost
Cro Ghost თვის წინ
It isn't. I am currently playong Clash Quest
BWap თვის წინ
Cover genshin for the boys
Reapers War
Reapers War თვის წინ
The goblin in clash mini in the outside of a match selection screen has a star on his pedestal so I think it’s more likely that you will upgrade your troops like royale
Fireball Phoenix
Fireball Phoenix თვის წინ
Do all three dude
Nazar Alsafo
Nazar Alsafo თვის წინ
Patrick Baxter
Patrick Baxter თვის წინ
at the time of this comment there are 123 dislikes and none of them are from me.
Patrick Baxter
Patrick Baxter თვის წინ
also kairos's comment also has 500 replies
Dung gaming TV
Dung gaming TV თვის წინ
The most exciting game for me is probably Clash Mini. Hopefully it comes out soon 🙏
Art Qorraj _ツ
Art Qorraj _ツ თვის წინ
Calsh heros gang 👇
Kislay Kritesh
Kislay Kritesh თვის წინ
Ngl Clash Heroes looks like Dungeon Rampage which I played in 2012😌😌
HelperIndieGames თვის წინ
G. Dark fantasy ARPG - She Will Punish Them (Beta HD)
Stephano1 თვის წინ
clash mini is very pog
[AWP]Spytonio2006 თვის წინ
If Clash Heroes has a story mode like an usual rpg, pvp etc, I'm going to spend my hours in there for some time
Nathaniel Peters
Nathaniel Peters თვის წინ
clash heroes gives me huge Spiral Knights vibes, if you don't know what spiral knights is, it is the pc game I grew up on so I am super excited for this one
Phsyco Mantis
Phsyco Mantis თვის წინ
Plot twist: They have already released the games They look so fun. How can I be a beta tester?
Poker Face
Poker Face თვის წინ
Can't wait for Clash Mini, it is like Clash teamfight tactics
G Van
G Van თვის წინ
Clash mini looks like it has a lot of potential. Definitely my favorite just by looking at the sneak peaks
G Van
G Van თვის წინ
Anyone else wondering how long it will be until one of them is killed before launching
Christo თვის წინ
Clash mini is probably gonna be the best out if these 3 games... 😂😅
Life is a meme 9
Life is a meme 9 თვის წინ
Is clash heroes online?
jeff chen
jeff chen თვის წინ
New game: Fun After then years: Boring, what an old-school. We got brand-new games! The game: Sad. Being replaced in the entertainment with these "brand-new" games.
Vasil Nikolov
Vasil Nikolov თვის წინ
How to make a good game by Superrcell: Add Clash in the name or make it a fighting game
Doruk Dönmez
Doruk Dönmez თვის წინ
can you play clash heroes with lex and oj or rey ? please
Rares Zaharia
Rares Zaharia თვის წინ
My favorite Game Is Clash Mini
Gryo თვის წინ
i want clash mini so bad to be honest
Yau Joseph
Yau Joseph თვის წინ
I'm SUPER excited for all three gamesss and yes please kairos please cover ALLLLLLL of themmmm
Mick Manuputty
Mick Manuputty თვის წინ
All games look really good. I totally missed clash mini is an auto chess game in the original video. Most exited for clash heroes atm.
Takemo თვის წინ
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